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Aspect Ratio

Still shot from “Aspect Ratio” –

video, 2’09” | 2020

For further viewing, please contact the artist.

still 2.jpg
still 4.jpg
still 3.jpg

In this video, I have compared the scale of a dictator “Saddam Hussein”  with my scale.  

“Saddam Hussein” who was the former dictator of Iraq has been the fascination of my father, who in turn was about to name me after him if my biological gender has allowed it. I placed Saddam in a 35x45mm / 50x50mm photo size (the standard bureaucratic size for American and Schengen visa).

Thus attempting in a minimal gesture with a feminist persistence to scale down patriarchy from its ultimate form of dictator’s monuments to a passport size pictures, trying to equalize power to a horizontal relation instead of a vertical one.

still 1.jpg
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