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On Scales of Violence: How to Measure A Dictator? [Interrupted]

Still shots and documentation of “On Scales of Violence: How to Measure a Dictator? [Interrupted]” 

Video installation, 12’19”, (Part of the graduation project at PZI) | 2021

For further viewing please contact the artist.

Documentation of the video installation
still shot 1
still shot 2

This film relies on an intersectional feminist autoethnographic research, demonstrating how through 90s TV broadcast news, dictators leaked out of the TV and affected vertically the Patriarchal gaze in family units. The film gets interrupted in the process of its making by the violence that erupted in Palestine in May 2021, in which the Israeli Settler Colonial state was forcibly displacing Palestinians out of their homes in Shiekh Jarrah, Silwan, Beita and Lifta, as it did for 7 decades. Palestinians revolted, which resulted in 11 days war on Gaza that killed 243 civilians among them 67 children.

The film changes its course, as students in the Dutch art institute “Piet Zwart Institute” voice their stance in Solidarity with Palestine and gets censored and silenced by the institution.

Still shot 3- Tribute to Palestine
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